I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the Money Belief Breakthrough program. I have to say, the first module about your money legacy, how we’re programmed to think about money and success and consciously changing those beliefs was transformational. My business instantly increased in sales and in a dramatic way! While yes, we were growing prior to your training, there was a sudden jump when I decided I deserved to make more. From October to November our sales increased by 38%! And it’s maintained and grown from there. I also got your email about setting a goal for gift certificate sales. I simply decided we would sell $10,000 in gift certificates for the holidays. I did everything else exactly as in years past and guess what? We sold almost exactly $10,000 in gift certificates for the holidays.

In addition, my partner and I started an additional business creating handcrafted aromatic candles. It initially started as a way to add more retail to my spa for the holidays. In just over 4 months, we are now in 3 other stores and more to come. With the success of my massage center and now the ball really rolling on this second venture, I truly feel life opening up and opportunities expanding for the first time.

So, I just wanted to share with you my success and thank you for your wisdom.
Andrew Grover

“Every time I work with you something magical happens!  You bring light, energy and success not only to my business, but also to my life. After going through your Money Belief Breakthrough program I took the steps you recommended and this month I made more money! With this program, I got the knowledge and courage to keep going non- stop. God brought you to this world for a mission, and you are accomplishing it. Thank you so much for everything you do.

I am relieved in my heart and my mind, and I can’t stop smiling!”


Karina Urquhart


“Working with Shelene has been a critical piece in the transformation of my business. Her support and accountability greatly assisted me in taking action steps that I had thought about for a few years. I am inspired again and have stepped into a new level of my personal leadership ability. Not to mention I now have more income which has created more personal freedom and peace of mind. Shelene’s knowledge, heart and coaching ability is stellar!”

Eva Goldyn
Owner of
Life Balance Massage & Wellness


“I feel success knocking at our door!”

“Shelene, thank you so much for your time today.  After our call Sandi and I were on fire!  We ordered new promo post cards, rack cards and her business cards.  Built a plan for marketing, wrote our hiring ad and made a priority list for next week.

It was so wonderful to hear your positive input on our website and all the work we have done.  It’s been challenging to get to this point but hearing your perspective was very uplifting!  I am so grateful that we joined your mentoring program.  I feel success knocking at our door!”



“Thanks for all your excellent information via email subscription. Loving it!”

Massage Therapy Solutions
South Africa



“Increased bookings by 30%, on my way to another 40% and gave myself a raise!”

I have been building my business since 2004. When I went to school I knew that I wanted to build a practice that would eventually have multiple massage therapists who worked for my business. In 2010 I finally expanded and had one therapist working for me, then at the beginning of 2011 I moved into a larger studio and now I had to hire more therapists to handle the work that I was bringing into the business. I started to feel like I was working in the dark, I felt alone and unsure if where I was going was the right direction. It became very clear to me what I needed was a coach, but not just any coach. I understood that a regular business coach was not going to understand the particular needs a massage business has. Amazingly, I found Shelene and she was exactly what I was looking for. Since being coached by Shelene, I have increased my bookings by 30% and I am now on my way to increase it another 40% by the end of 2012, I also gave myself a raise. Much more than that, Shelene has been there to help direct me toward a more successful business and has provided me with invaluable insights and guidance as a clinic owner. Success is a team sport, and I am proud to say Shelene is definitely a key member of my success team!

-Jena Inay
The Bodywell


“I am staying on track with my biz vision, getting closer to my goals!”

 Shelene has been an absolute god-send. Its amazing having her support. Before starting coaching I used to long to have someone to talk to about the business who understood what I was dealing with. I needed someone with first hand experience who had made a success of it. Shelene not only understands what Im dealing with but has usually been there and done that with all my crazy ideas that I throw at her. She is very clear and perceptive and honest which I really appreciate. I love that she can see the bigger picture of whats going on for me as well as getting into the details. The templates have been such a time saver for me and the regular coaching has really helped me stay on track with the overall vision. I dread to think where Id be right now if I hadnt started coaching with her. I really cant recommend it highly enough. Really its mad to run a clinic without taking advantage of someone elses 23 years of experience in the business. The more coaching I have the clearer I feel about what Im doing, the better I get at taking the steps I need to take, and the closer I get to my goals.

Thank you Shelene!

The Haven


“Practical and Magical coaching!”

Shelene Taylor coached me through my time as a fledgling when writing a website was the only thing on my mind to where I am today, which is running a successful business that brings me both joy and income.  Her coaching skills are empowering and motivating.  She is always so encouraging but at the same time powerful, giving me the courage to move forward and make my business happen, to get out there in the world in a big way.   Her input during our coaching sessions is always spot on and both practical and magical at the same time.  Shelene knows how to ask the right questions, and she always has my success as her goal, which motivated me to see myself and my business from a whole new perspective.  Her kind but honest and knowledgeable coaching through my fears, my successes, my entrance into the business world – all of this is invaluable in my business and my life.