Turnkey Opportunity

A time tested, proven, successful business model that will save you time, energy, and money!

Massage Biz in a Box


This turnkey business opportunity offers you the ease and comfort of knowing that you are investing in a proven and replicable massage business system.

Owners are often the bottlenecks in their businesses, generally because they don’t have a plan or systems to carry out the plan, or they haven’t implemented effective systems that allow things to flow more easily. There are unique challenges for those already in business, and making the decision to grow brings an additional set of concerns to the table, particularly for owners who are very hands-on. Having the right tools available will assist you in creating your leadership role so that exponential growth can occur more easily and without as many breakdowns. Learning to delegate appropriately and effectively is a key component in empowering your staff to assist you in running your business smoothly. So whether you are just beginning or are already a savvy businessperson, the most important things to have in place are effective systems and strategies.

The key to profitability and a thriving business is to have:

  • Effective systems that allow the business to run smoothly: policy and procedures, opening and closing, what to do in a crisis, and operating systems to guide your staff.
  • Strategies for client attraction, retention, referral, and recapture are the foundation of profitability.
  • Systems for managing client complaints and employee incompetence, and protocols for how tasks should be accomplished, empower your staff and free you up from constantly being asked how to handle issues.
  • A great compensation program that is benefit-rich and supports both your company and your staff. It has been proven that staff retention is an important element of any successful business.
  • A business plan, which is your blueprint for success. A well-thought-out business plan requires you to think about the future and the challenges you’ll face. It also requires you to consider your financial needs, your marketing and management plans, your competition, and your overall strategy for coming out on top. Proformas will assist you in making business decisions more effectively when budgeting or deciding to expand.
  • Strict attention to your finances. Keep careful records of all money coming in and going out.
  • Client loyalty, which doesn’t just happen – you have to earn it. If you don’t take care of your clients, your competition will. Remember to only be in competition with yourself, but make sure you watch the moves and strategies of your competition.

Research has shown that most businesses fail because they lack:

  • effective systems
  • effective management and/or leadership
  • sufficient capital or good money management
  • proper planning
  • five-star client service

So take advantage this turnkey system:

There’s tremendous value in not having to re-invent the wheel by using a proven system, and Massage Biz in a Box is a proven system that will help you get the results you want. Of course, there are no guarantees; it is up to you to effectively implement the systems in the box.

With these proven systems and strategies, you will be able to manage your business more easily and without having to go through the learning curve of hiring more staff and dealing with more clients. Shelene Taylor, the founder of a multimillion-dollar, five-location business with over 120 employees, is the creator of Massage Biz in a Box. Having started from scratch, she has experienced all phases of business ownership, and she knows exactly what that learning curve is like. You will make mistakes – that is a part of business – but having a guide who has already been there and done that will make your path much smoother.

This is a five-figure investment, for more details contact Shelene Taylor at shelene@iambiz.com.

About Shelene Taylor

Shelene Taylor turned her struggling massage therapy career into a multi-million dollar, multi location success. She now shows other massage practice owners worldwide how to create purposeful and profitable businesses. An international coach, speaker and author Shelene wraps her message of conscious entrepreneurship with a layer of inspiring encouragement. As the founder of the International Association of Massage Business she shares the time saving, proven and practical tools and strategies that she uses to run her own company.  Her natural effervescence and down to earth practicality will lift you up and support you in believing that you can have the business of your dreams! It is her vision to transform the world of massage practice owners into one of purposeful prosperity.

Shelene is happily married to her soul-mate, and has one truly amazing daughter, a wonderful son-in-law, and a precious granddaughter. She is a competitive dressage rider, and has won state championships after taking up riding at the age of forty! Her love of horses started when she was a child, and owning a horse is a dream come true. She loves to read, loves to receive excellent massage, enjoys expanding her mindset, and loves pistachio ice cream!