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What are you doing to grow your business? Would you like to receive practical and proven strategies for promoting, marketing, and growing your business? Join the IAMBIZ and elevate your income!

IAMBIZ provides you with little to no-cost ways of marketing and growing your business, and supplying you with the breakthrough beliefs, mindset, habits, strategies and systems that propelled it’s founder to a Multi Million Dollar, Multi Location success.

Learn to implement simple steps that bring:

Remarkable clients, money and JOY!

And connect with likeminded successful holistic entrepreneurs!

YOUR Membership Includes:

Monthly Training and Assignment Action Calls
Periodic Q & A Calls with Dedicated Member Time
Monthly Marketing Checklist
Audio Recordings of Monthly Training and Q&A Calls!
Downloadable forms, checklists, scripts and success guides!

Monthly Training and Assignment Action Calls

These monthly training and assignment calls are designed to move your business forward in significant ways, covering relevant and practical strategies for business building, marketing, money management, mindset, and much more. The calls are delivered by Shelene Taylor and are recorded so that you can listen at your convenience!

At the end of each training call there will be an action step to take so that not only will you learn new information, but you will actually begin to profit from it by incorporating valuable systems and strategies into your business. Each call will be recorded and posted on your member’s page within 72 hours of the call. As an IAMBIZ member, you will also have access to all archived calls.

Sample Topics of Calls:

  • How to attract your Ideal Clients
  • How to create a fabulous Client Experience
  • How to create Marketing Strategies for special events
  • How to heal your Money Relationship
  • How to add Multiple Streams of Income to your business
  • How to create some Credibility and Celebrity
  • How to Price Your Services for profit
  • How to Leverage your time and talent
  • How to deal with Difficult Clients
  • How to discover your Best Marketing Venues
  • How to create an Effective Postcard or Ad
  • How to Master Your Mindset so that you thrive no matter what the economy

…and much more!

These calls generally take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 MST 9:00 PST (10:00 MST, 11:00 CST, and 12:00 EST)

Periodic Live Q & A Calls with Dedicated Member Time

This 90-minute live call is when you can ask questions about any aspect of your business – from how to keep your clients coming back, to when you should raise your prices, how to handle staffing issues, how to market strategically, how to ask your clients to rebook, how to best manage your time, and everything else you would like answers to!

Even if you can’t be present during the call, you can send your question via email prior to the call, and your question will be answered, recorded, and posted on the member’s page.

During the last 20 minutes of the call, one member will receive dedicated time and be able to present one topic or issue for review or assistance with. These dedicated times will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

These calls generally take place on the designated Tuesdays at 9:00 MST (8:00 PST, 10:00 CST, and11:00 EST)


Monthly Inspiration:

Each month receive an inspirational email or audio with a practical tip to keep you connected to your passion.

Monthly Marketing Calendar Checklist

– a done-for-you checklist that will be in your inbox every month! Marketing is one of the keys to success; follow this guideline to stay on track.

Audio Recordings of Monthly Training and Q&A Calls!

In order for you to receive the information you need at your convenience all calls will be recorded and placed on your members page for easy access!

Downloadable forms, checklists, scripts and success guides!

Success Guides on the following topics that you can download immediately when you become a member:

Client Policies – a short policy list you can add to your website and brochure.

Late, Cancel, and No-Show – scripting and refinement for your no-show policy for regular clients.

Vision Creation Exercise – your big WHY is important to the success of your business; formalize it so that you have a lodestar to follow!

Website Assessment Checklist – a quick assessment to make sure your website is maximized for sales.


Forms, Checklists and Scripts:

Intake and Confidential Health Information forms – designed to protect your database information.

Clinic Inspection Checklist

How to stop your Feast or Famine Income and Make More Money Checklist

Expo Checklist

Client – No Show, Late Cancel and Late Arrival Script


Bonus #1 – 25% Savings on All Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops provided live online – all you need is a phone! (For the workshop webinars, you’ll also need a computer.) There are many benefits to virtual workshops. There is no travel required, and you can take part from the comfort of your home or office!

There will be a variety of these webinars and workshops provided during the year, including:

Money Belief Breakthrough – “Break Free from Your Money Drama & Step into Your Wealthy Self” – This training series will transform how you experience money. You will learn new beliefs and skills so that you can make and keep more income, and experience more freedom in your life! As healers, we often under-charge for our services and over-deliver to our clients. Most of us also live pretty much month-to-month with very little profit for ourselves. If you are tired of this struggle and ready to change, this program is for you! Transform your money mindset, eliminate old patterns that you probably didn’t even choose for yourself (think family patterns here!), and embrace a new self-worth image that creates more net worth. By healing your relationship with money, you will be choosing to create your own personal money legacy.

Branding with Archetypes – Discover how to make your brand truly brilliant by utilizing the gifts and attributes of your personal archetypes!

Create Your Signature System – In this webinar you will develop your own unique Signature System that will wow your clients, transform your services, and keep them coming back!

Niche Breakthrough Secrets – In this webinar, discover what business you are really in, choose your ideal clients, and brainstorm out of the box to find your tribe, test your niche (“hot or not”), and craft your answer to the question “What do you do?”

As a member of IAMBIZ, you will save 25% on any or all of these truly life- and business-changing virtual workshops. This can add up to a SIGNIFICANT savings and significant changes in the way you do business!


Bonus #2 – 25% savings on all IAMBIZ Training Programs

Current training program products available are:

Massage Marketing Brilliance a step by step guide for successful massage marketing! Learn how to put a solid foundation in place that supports your marketing efforts by maximizing your marketing message, implementing the basics and using the test, track and measure method to make sure you are getting the results you need. Learn how to avoid advertising traps, follow the venues section to get your message out there and develop the right marketing mindset to create success.

5 Star Customer Servicelearn five ways to elevate your skills that will create loyal clients! This training program covers the basics, makes recommendations for effective treatments and explains the four components of client’s expectations.

How to Hire SuccessfullyImprove your hiring success by 50% by having these key elements in place. Your staff is an integral part of your business, and effective interviewing processes can help you bring the right people on board.

Smart Scheduling Strategiesdiscover the secrets to maximizing your schedule and create more income! Let’s face it our schedule is what produces the majority of our income and when you design your schedule to provide optimal use of time you will be able to serve more clients. This training program shows you how to look at the big picture of scheduling.

Bonus #3 – Priceless!

You will benefit from the founders hard work and experience so that you can have the business and lifestyle you desire. In addition you will have access to various experts during the year to deepen your understanding of various topics.

Simple techniques, practical strategies, and proven formulas will help you create your ideal biz and ideal life. Every resource you need is available, and I am here to support you on your path to success!


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