Money Belief Breakthrough Workshop

Those of us in holistic professions, in particular, seem to have a challenging relationship with money. This plays out by not charging what we’re worth or asking for a raise. We struggle to stay ahead of the cash flow feast-or-famine syndrome. Many of us are tired of not being able to keep more of the money we work so hard to make.

Does this sound familiar “you have to work really hard to make money” or “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you can be spiritual or rich, but not both”? Is it possible that these beliefs or others like them are sabotaging your success and income potential?

If so, are you ready to TRANSFORM YOUR MONEY MINDSET and step into more money and JOY? Then the Money Breakthrough Method workshop is for you!


So what IS the Money Breakthrough Method?

Here are the modules I’ll personally coach you through in this exclusive program…

5-Step Money Breakthrough Modules

Everyone has money issues, drama, fears, stories, beliefs and habits they either “inherited” from family or unconsciously adopted due to earlier experiences. What’s key is to realize that you’re not stuck with these forever!

In these powerful modules I’ll coach you each step of the way to create new, empowering money habits that magically transform your relationship with money, increase your self-worth, improve your relationships with loved ones, start a new business or grow an existing business, earn more in your career…and more!

The five core Money Breakthrough Method modules are:

Module #1: Healing Your Money Legacy
Module #2: Forgiving Debt and Other Guilty Money Issues From Your Past
Module #3: Creating Accountability and Action
Module #4: Claim Your Money Power
Module #5: Reveal Your Sacred Relationship with Money

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A So…are you ready to break through to your next income level, effortlessly clean up unconscious “money junk” and finally free yourself from debt or under earning and begin living your new life of financial freedom? Then sign up for our Biz Building Newsletters and keep an eye out for the next Money Breakthrough Method Workshop!

Success With Heart,



PS – My money story:

I grew up with a sad money legacy, one in which I would always be limited in what I could make, that I had to work really hard to make money and that money doesn’t grow on trees. Which meant that I didn’t have access to all the experiences I wanted to enjoy or to live more freely and easily without having to stress about how I was going to make ends meet. Money was a subject of struggle for me.

But once I transformed how I looked at and felt about money and began to shift my personal experience around it I started keeping more of what I made. Money is energy, and what it really gives us is access to more choices and therefore more freedom. Freedom to enjoy more varied experiences, support our family better and to contribute in ways that a limited income just doesn’t allow for.

Even though I had reached a high level of income, multi seven figures, I was intrigued when I saw this workshop and took it. During the process I found more core beliefs that were limiting as well as a renewed look at how to take a deeper look at my money habits. I received so much value from my experience I decided to become a certified Money Breakthrough Method coach and share this valuable content with you!