Are you as passionate about bringing well being to as many people as possible as I am?  That is why I created IAMBIZ, the premiere business training and mentoring resource for holistic business success.
My own journey was one of initial struggle and frustration and then I learned it that didn’t have to be that difficult.  When I implemented some simple strategies and systems my vision of a purposeful and profitable business came to life. I don’t have a college degree or any other training other than receiving my massage certification but what I do have is the wisdom and experience of learning the hard way – through trial and error of how to be in business successfully. Yes I have to admit there were many scary moments in my journey and days when I didn’t know how or if things would work out – but these times were also the times that provided the biggest opportunities for personal breakthroughs.
I have worked with clients from all over the world and they all have the same concerns and issues – how to create a steady stream of clients, keep more of the money they make, become an inspired leader and have balance and freedom in their lives.
Some successes and breakthroughs that my clients have experienced while working with my programs:
  • Doubled their take home pay!
  • Discovered the joy of having their business make money while they were out of town!
  • Became more self confident and stepped into leadership roles with grace.
  • Increased their revenue by 40% just by tweaking their marketing.
  • Renegotiated their commission rate by generating more market force with their boss.
  • Saved time, energy and money by implementing step by step actions that are proven to work.


My Short Story!

In 1987, with great excitement, I received my holistic massage license and went to work for one of the few massage clinics operating in Tucson, Arizona. LESS than two months later the owners decided they wanted to open a vitamin store, and they were going to close the business that I was working for!

I was faced with a difficult decision: go out and look for a job at another clinic and hope my clients would follow, or build a successful  business of my own.

Since I had already established some return clientele and there were few clinics in the area to work for, I decided to take over the lease and equipment. And just like that, I was the owner of a business!
Little did I know how little I knew about how to run a successful business. All I had was my passion and drive! I was working 7 days a week wearing the many hats of a small business owner…

  • booking appointments
  • figuring out the schedules
  • finding effective, affordable advertising
  • negotiating with vendors
  • handling all customer service issues
  • accounting, banking and paying bills
  • maintaining clients
  • cleaning the clinic… and the list goes on!

Fast forward to the present – today I own a thriving Multi Million Dollar, Multi Location massage business located in Tucson, Arizona. How did I get here? How did I transform myself from a woman working hard seven days a week IN my business, to a woman who works ON her business and has free time to pursue other passions, like riding my horse in dressage five days a week? By learning from my mistakes, by constantly growing in my awareness, and by making better choices. I learned to design my business by choice and not chance (chaos).

I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning to do things more effectively and easily. Now I would like to share with you the stratagies that can help you effortlessly accelerate your business growth by investing in yourself. IAMBIZ provides premier business training, tools and mentoring to inspired and ambitious holistic entrepreneurs.  Are you ready to elevate your skills so you can bring well being to as many people as possible in the world by creating your purposeful and profitable practice?  I would love to show you the way to Remarkable Clients, Money and JOY!

If you have any questions, please contact me so that I can answer them.
I look forward to working with you!



Additional Information
SASIE runner up
Woman of the Year
Arizona Companies to Watch
AMTA Meritorious Award
Arizona State Championships in Dressage

Brio is on the left, I’m in the middle, and Uzon on the right.

My passion for horses began as a child, but I was unable to pursue it until I was older and had the money and time. Now I am a devoted dressage rider, and I have been able to put the time and money into this hobby due to the way I run my business.

For me, partnership with my horses transports me to a different space, but riding effectively requires discipline, commitment and training. That’s why I hire professionals to assist me in reaching my goals in the show ring. Just like being in business, it is beneficial to learn from experts. Just like any sport, a successful business also requires discipline, commitment and continuous self assessment. How are you devoting yourself to becoming a better leader?

Learning to work with horses has taught me I have to be patient yet firm to have my expectations met. These amazing animals give instant feedback – how wonderful is that!


I chose the Peacock as the icon for IAMBIZ because it is a symbol of integrity, transformation and guidance. It is also a symbol of the beauty that is achieved when we endeavor to better ourselves and allow our true colors to shine forth. It is my commitment to you that IAMBIZ will guide you with integrity and provide strategies so your biz brilliance will shine and you will stand out in your community