I see it all the time, soul centered heartfelt holistic practice owners sabotaging their income by letting their marketing time slide by, not making it a priority which causes a drop in income.

Panic sets it when they get to their office and their appointment book is almost empty.

Then worry and anxiety then takes over, and they start to question their gifts or the gifts of their staff, after all, why would clients not be on their books if they were good at what they did? That is the usual internal conversation that takes place and then begins that mental downward spiral.
You know, where you question your worth or begin to question if what you are doing is the right thing for you – you totally love it – but let’s face it you have to make money also.

So what is the solution?

First, you have to decide that you are ready, absolutely ready to break free of this cycle that keeps threatening your livelihood and your self-worth.
You have to decide that you are ready to take ACTION and create a steady stream of clients flowing in. So that you, have a steady flow clients that will allow you to grow your business, pay off debt, save for your future and to have fun with!

Are you ready? Here are some of my personal tips to quickly and easily get clients in the door. My only request? Stay OPEN as you read these tips. Rejecting any one of them could cost you the loss of a client…and the additional referrals they bring.

Tip #1: Offer A New Service To An Existing Client

You know often clients are not even aware of all the services that you offer. Go through your top clients and offer them a service they have not experienced from you before. Or, add just one easy service to your menu that will allow you to do a simple add on so that you can introduce it as a special to your clients.

Tip #2: Ask Your Clients For A Referral

Make it easy for your clients to refer you, you can have biz card size referral cards made up with a $10 or $20 off to give to people they think would be a good fit for your style. Send a letter or an email to people that are your top clients telling them that you have room in your schedule for some new clients and would appreciate any referrals they could send your way. Keep the conversation light and easy – people that love your work sometimes don’t even think about sending you referrals – you have to ASK! Some therapists even give out 1/2 off or free services to their top clients with the caveat that these are only to be given to their friends or family that will utilize your services on a regular basis.

Tip #3: Reconnect With Past Clients

All too often I see biz owners focusing on getting NEW clients in the door and totally forget about the goldmine they have in their past clients. I find that reaching out will bring bookings that week.

One way you can easily reach out to them is to call, using this helpful script:

“Hi, this is __________. I was thinking about you recently and wanted to check in to see how you are doing. I have some available appointments and would love to see you, do you have time this week?”

Tip #4: Get Out Into Your Neighborhood

Whip up a quick flyer if you don’t have any postcards handy and go out and introduce yourself to the neighboring businesses, or reintroduce yourself.

Tip #5: Set Goals

In order to continue to grow your business set goals that you look at each and every day, it is like magic. Your mind will focus on what you DO want and you will begin to feel creativity blossom. When you are in a contracted state of worry about your schedule you will actually push business away from you. When you begin to set goals, think about your future and take action you will see results!

Want an easy done for you program – the same one I use in my 7 locations – that will bring you a steady stream of clients? Then check out my program www.createasteadystreamofclients.com!


Even thinking about delegating can put your inner control freak in a tail spin!

When I first started delegating it was not pretty. I didn’t have the tools to do it effectively and really just didn’t know what to do, I would just assign a task and experience even more frustration because the staff member didn’t do it the way I wanted it done. What I have learned is that if I follow the simple formula it made things easier for both me and my staff. And once I helped my inner control freak calm down, take a deep breath and be open to new ways of handling things or new ways of reaching goals then it was far more comfortable for everyone.

If you just are not in a position to hire someone there are some great ways you can receive free help – for example the art colleges have students that may be able to design an ad or logo for free for you, or the business college student may be able to assist you in designing a system for your accounting or some other system that they are needing practical experience in. Maybe journalism major would help you write your brochure….so look around your community to see how you can receive help and provide valuable experience to a student. Maybe a local massage student would be willing to trade experience for time on your desk or assisting you with projects.

So how do you delegate effectively?

Follow these guidelines for delegation:

  • Lay out the results you expect, and if applicable how it may relate to the bigger picture.
  • Have a deadline for completion.
  • Select the right person for the task and someone that would enjoy doing the task.
  • Make sure that the person understands the task and the results expected.
  • Require the person to update you on progress if the task has more than one step or will take more than a week to accomplish.
  • Assign the task but not necessarily the method in which they accomplish it – this is where others experience and perspectives can bring you great results.
  • Let them know that you are there to assist if they run into a block.
  • Assess results and give feedback. Either praise for a job well done or praise and coaching on how to handle it better the next time.

Create some space in your life through delegation, it will give you time to work on the bigger picture of your vision!


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