Proven SUCCESS Strategies to

Attract a Steady Stream of Clients and Create More Income.

As a holistic entrepreneur NOW is the time to Embrace creating the income you deserve. When you combine your Purpose with the right Action to create Profitability you will bring well being to so many more people, a well being that will heal the planet. 

IAMBIZ provides premier business training, proven tools and mentoring to inspired and ambitious holistic entrepreneurs who are ready to Elevate their practice by Investing in their business skills so that their Talent as a healer shines.

You CAN do what you love and make money!

Hi, I am Shelene Taylor and I took my struggling practice to a MultiMillion dollar, multi location success! My step by step programs and tools will help you achieve your holistic business goals, up level your confidence and give you tools that will change your business and your life. No matter what stage of business you are at there is something here for you to help you on your holistic success journey!